Call me Artemis

The Artemis Project aims to bring the best environments to continue the venerable Unity 7 desktop in the modern Linux space. With an open, friendly community and a willingness to make the Linux desktop more friendly, the Unity legacy will live on while bringing new innovations to the table.

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Latest insights

Huzzah! Hello, ...!

Written by: Marquis Kurt, 25 May 17

After a successful five days of voting, I am pleased to introduce the new name for the Enjade Project. It was a close battle between several names, but the decision has been madeā€¦ by you, the community!

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We need your help with renaming Enjade

Written by: Marquis Kurt, 21 May 17

When I first started the Enjade project, I wanted to give a name that best represented the clean, friendly nature of the Unity desktop while presenting something completely new. Sadly, things have changed and not everything is what it seems.

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Enjade's looking for a logo!

Written by: Marquis Kurt, 11 May 17

The Enjade team is looking for a logo to represent the future of the Unity desktop, and we need your help! We want you to design the next logo for Enjade!

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