Unity, in Plasma

Artemis Core is the new, innovative desktop environment that continues the legacy of Unity 7. Built upon the work of Plasma, Core brings new features and support for modern technologies like Wayland and universal search.

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Ubuntu laptop (14.04), with Unity 7

Noble ambitions that give ardent Unity admirers an alternative to the official Compiz version.

Joey Sheddon, OMG! Ubuntu - Artemis Wants to Recreate the Unity Desktop on KDE Plasma

Ubuntu laptop (14.04), with Unity 7

More than Look&Feel

Artemis Core is available as a Look&Feel package, giving existing Plasma users an easy transition to the Artemis desktop. However, we do have plans to make an installable package via Snappy and/or Flatpak that bundles Plasma and Artemis together, with Artemis set as the default Look&Feel package for Plasma.